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YooniK Face Authentication

Fast and secure second-factor authentication using facial biometrics


YooniK simplifies all consumer interactions with secure and private face authentication on any device in industries as diverse as Retail, Banking & Payments, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Self-Service & Delivery. Register once and access services anywhere, anytime by just using your face. Recently becoming top 3 in Europe and Americas for accuracy, YooniK introduced unprecedented privacy levels to the market, where face images are never stored.

By leveraging YooniK with Auth0 with this easy integration, we enable a fast and convenient second-factor authentication method using facial biometrics.


This integration is supported by YooniK. Learn more


YooniK never stores images from the users.

Reduced risk. Increased conversion. Scalable.

Reduced identity fraud. Improved customer experience. Our face authentication solution scales to millions of users.

Top-tier accuracy

Top-tier proprietary recognition algorithm certified by NIST with 99.999% accuracy (TOP 3 EU/US).