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Manage your mobile healthcare team, win more work, and improve patient experience

SSO Integrations

Connect Workpath SSO with your Auth0 workflow, connecting credentials with the only dispatch platform for mobile healthcare services. No one becomes a healthcare provider to do spreadsheets or auth accounts. Our platform was specifically designed to manage mobile healthcare teams, because we understand what it’s like. Workpath puts an end to missed appointments, to techs desperately texting patients while they're driving, and to puzzled patients calling dispatch.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Right job, meet right team member.

Stop playing matchmaker between jobs and team members. Workpath automatically routes jobs to the person with the right skills. No more texting “is this something you can do?”

Real mobile health team management.

Workpath is made for mobile—so you can dispatch, track, and communicate with your team from anywhere. No more texting or email threads.

Compliance is key

Workpath is 100% HIPAA-compliant, which is more than we can say for spreadsheets and group texts. Workpath also keeps an eye on certifications and credentials, giving a heads up before they expire.