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SOP Software that turns policies and procedures into Active Workflow

SSO Integrations

Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software that enables you to create, maintain and actively use a Business Operations Manual by making policies and procedures a natural part of daily workflow. Our practical tools are a perfect fusion of business process management, knowledge management and compliance. Managers assign tasks, create automatic reminders, and monitor workflow, while team members use procedures and follow processes from any location, so work is seamless and nothing is forgotten.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Compliance & Safety

Why take risks with your business? Standardizing processes and integrating them into day to day workflow will create a safer workplace and help you avoid fines and penalties by staying in compliance with required standards and regulations.

Franchise Management

Franchisors have easy access to their entire franchise network’s Way We Do accounts through their master account. The master account allows franchisors to install, update, and manage approved templates, policies, procedures and checklists across all franchisee sub-accounts. It also allows the fra...

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Way We Do helps business owners to easily document processes, procedures and workflows so that knowledge is retained within the business itself, and not just in the minds of the people who work there. This systematization protects the company IP even through staff changes or sale of the business.