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Vonage provides an SMS service which can be used to deliver multi-factor verification


Verify users by reaching their mobile device with SMS or voice codes: easily adding a layer of security. We designed the Verify API to make it simple to implement. Your application simply gives us a phone number and we take care of the rest. We've got you covered for SMS, voice, and SMS to voice failover scenarios. We even make sure the messages comply with local regulations so they are not filtered by the carriers. Our comprehensive backend provides the secure code and identity management capabilities, all behind a simple to use API.

Our many direct-to-carrier relationships around the world, combined with our proprietary Adaptive Routing algorithm, allow us to work in real-time to find the best routes for your messages. Add to that our Compliance Engine, which knows how and when to deliver messages according to country and carrier requirements, and you have the industry’s highest deliverability rates.


A single API provides the full 2FA solution, from authentication management to message automation, spanning SMS and Voice.


Just give us a phone number and we'll take care of the rest. We generate the codes, localize, use the fastest channel available, even fall back from SMS to voice when needed.


Unlike other 2FA methods that may require special hardware or an authenticator app, our solution works with any phone number.