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This integration is community supported. Learn more


Add the option for your user's to sign into your Auth0 application with Vimeo

Social Connections

Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing platform with extensive features such as live video recording, content collaboration, video editing, and more. Vimeo is home to over 90 million registered users. This reach makes Vimeo social login a great option for your Auth0 application. With this integration, you can easily enable Vimeo login on your own application and request basic user profile information from their Vimeo account.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Easy Onboarding

Reduce the barrier to entry by allowing users to sign in with their existing Vimeo account.

User Profiles

With Vimeo login enabled, you can allow your users to skip the registration step of filling out their name, email, and other basic profile information.

User Experience

Vimeo works great across all devices, so you can feel confident knowing your users will have a good login experience when they sign in with Vimeo to access your application.