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Configure Tableau Server to use Auth0 to authenticate users over SAML 2.0 (SSO)

SSO Integrations

Allow your Tableau Server users a quick method to login securely to your data and dashboards. Harness the power of your data. Unleash the potential of your people. Choose the analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence. Choose Tableau.

User authentication through SAML does not apply to permissions and authorization for Tableau Server content, such as data sources and workbooks. It also does not control access to underlying data that workbooks and data sources connect to, you retain complete access permissions through your admin accounts as to what each employee has access to.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Data to the people—responsibly

Extend the value of your data across your entire organization with Tableau Server. Empower your business with the freedom to explore data in a trusted environment—without limiting them to predefined questions, wizards, or chart types.

All your data

Connect to any data source securely - whether on-premises or in the cloud. Publish and share your data sources as live connections or encrypted extracts for everyone to use. Work with popular enterprise data sources like Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, cubes, Teradata, and more.

Security your way

Tableau seamlessly integrates with your existing Auth0 SSO security protocols. Manage authentication at the user and group level. Maintain the security of your database with pass-through data connection permissions and row-level filtering.