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Styra OPA Authorization

Use Styra DAS to manage fine-grained declarative authorization via OPA


Styra Declarative Authorization Service - built on Open Policy Agent - provides context-aware authorization policy to tightly control communication to, from and between applications and microservices.

Styra DAS evaluates real-time context, including Auth0 JSON Web Token claims and identity attribute data, against custom authorization policy to tightly control microservice interaction, minimizing risk and maximizing performance.

  • Eliminate the need to build logic into services directly, or maintain multiple policy silos
  • Evaluate dynamic business context for real-time access decisions, without performance impact
  • Protect against lateral movement attacks and hot patch policies to isolate unusual activity
  • Improve performance with central or distributed policy evaluation as needed
  • Trust the industry's only security solution built by the founders of Open Policy Agent

Authorization. Access. Entitlements. No matter the name, the problem of controlling what-can-do-what within your applications remains the same. Styra DAS and Open Policy Agent provide the solution to enforce authorization across services consistently and at scale.


This integration is supported by Styra. Learn more