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Spryng offers the most secure and safe login with SMS authentication


Protect your customers from unauthorised access with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or a One Time Password (OTP) via Spryng. Provide secure, reliable and fast one-time passwords and log-in codes to your customers.

Spryng is the SMS Authentication Specialist in Europe with all the certifications such as ISO27001 and NEN7510. More information and a free trial.


This integration is supported by Spryng. Learn more

Highest Authentication Security Standard

Spryng is the only SMS provider in Europe with ISO and NEN certifications. We work according to the highest security standards. All data is encrypted, in transit (SSL certificates) and at rest (disk encryption for database storage).

Guaranteed fast delivery within 2 seconds

Spryng has direct connections with the mobile operators. We give authentication messages the highest priority. Your messages are always delivered within 5 seconds global with 1000+ networks connected in almost 200 countries.

The Number 1 in Service, Support & Quality

We advise, ask, help and listen 24/7. Our Technical Customer Experience Team replies within 1.5 minutes and resolves tickets on an average of 7.5 minutes.