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Real-Time Analytics at Speed and Scale

SSO Integrations

The real-time indexing database for modern data applications. Serve sub-second analytics on data from operational databases, data lakes and data streams.

Rockset enables interactive real-time analytics in your application - logistics tracking, security analytics, gaming leaderboards and more. Our radical approach makes real-time analytics fast, flexible and easy by indexing every field in your structured, semi-structured, geo or time series data.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Compute-efficient queries

Rockset indexes all fields, including nested fields, in a Converged Index™ which combines an inverted index, a columnar index and a row index. Our optimizer uses these indexes in parallel, exploiting selective query patterns and accelerating aggregations.

Ship faster

Standard SQL including JOINs on multi-dimensional data. Search, aggregate and join any data, including semi-structured data from NoSQL databases, without defining indexes, specifying schemas or denormalizing data.

Go serverless

Built to exploit the elasticity of the cloud. Scale your customer-facing analytics without the hassle of installing, configuring and tuning a database. Rockset is a highly reliable, massively distributed system.