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The only tool you need to run a profitable agency

SSO Integrations is an integrated business management software for SaaS agencies that combines project management, time tracking, sales pipeline, profitability, and CRM into a single, robust, and powerful package. Unlike traditional setups where businesses implement multiple systems and platforms to get the job done, provides users with a single solution to manage their business, enhance collaboration and communication, and drive business growth.


This integration is community supported. Learn more


Tracking profitability on projects in real-time makes it easier and faster for you to react to problems and course-correct to fix them.

Project management

Communicate with your co-workers and clients. Send files, mention them in comments or have a private conversation.

Resource planning

Plan work ahead and learn who's overbooked, who can take more work and who's on vacation or sick leave. A top-down view of your team, at a glance.