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Power Up Your Employee Network

SSO Integrations

Pingboard changes the way organizations plan for their most important asset, their people. Pingboard offers a variety of different products including a fully customizable org chart, easy to use company directories, and helpful onboarding tools that helps you become more transparent, leading to more efficient, and better-working teams. With Pingboard you can create unlimited, private copies of your plan to ensure you are prepared for every scenario.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Rich Employee Profiles

Profiles go beyond the basics. Customize what your people share with each other to make it fit with your culture.

A Powerful Employee Directory

Search the directory for answers to everyday questions. Find coworkers by name, office location, skills, interests, and more.

The Away Message, Reimagined

Status tells you who’s in and who’s out—today, tomorrow, and even months in advance. Connect with Slack to see coworkers' updated Statuses in real-time.