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With Microsoft 365 SSO and Auth0, users sign in once to access Microsoft supported clients

SSO Integrations

The Auth0 Microsoft 365 Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration lets you create a client application that uses Auth0 for authentication and provides SSO capabilities. Single sign-on provides with Microsoft 365 is a giant leap forward in how users sign in and use applications. Your users can use the same O365 email address and password (credentials) to access your MyHub site so they no longer need to remember another password.

Microsoft 365 single sign-on (SSO) adds security and convenience when your users sign on to applications with Auth0. With single sign-on, users sign in once with one account to access domain-joined devices, company resources, software as a service (SaaS) applications, and web applications.


This integration is supported by Auth0. Learn more

Exchange Online Archiving

When single sign-on is deployed, on-premises Outlook users are prompted for their credentials when accessing archived content in the Exchange Online organization for the first time.

Policy control

You can control account policies through Active Directory, which gives you the ability to manage password policies, workstation restrictions, lock-out controls, and more, without having to perform additional tasks in your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization.

Reduced support calls

Forgotten passwords are a common source of support calls in all companies. If users have fewer passwords to remember, they are less likely to forget them.