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Monitor, analyze, and alert with Logz.io Cloud SIEM and Auth0

Log Streaming

With Logz.io Cloud SIEM and Auth0 you can centrally monitor your workflow logs to rapidly identify, investigate and remediate emerging threats.

By combining the world’s most popular open source visualization from Kibana with advanced security analytics backed by AI and Machine Learning you can utilize the power of Logz.io’s truly cloud native SIEM to inspect and investigate all of your relevant event data. Offering advanced integration and flexibility to interact with your unique environment, Logz.io allows your team to quickly drill down into granular user data while inferring critical security intelligence to inform decision making.

Consolidate security alerting across numerous sources in a centralized platform purpose built to address the complexity and challenges of today’s changing cloud environment.


This integration is supported by logz-io. Learn more

Monitor key attack indicators

Analyze log data combined with threat intelligence to pinpoint problematic IPs, URLs, DNSs and related activities.

Gain contextual visibility into attacks

Unify and analyze data across a wide variety of sources to gain both high-level and detailed visibility into potential threats.

Alert and respond in real time

Consolidate cloud alerts and stay notified of high-priority attacks on your favorite notification channels.