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Kong API Gateway

The API gateway built for distributed architectures

By Kong


With Kong and Auth0 you can implement OIDC based authentication processes to protect your APIs.

API gateway authentication is an important way to control the data that is allowed to be transmitted using your APIs. Basically, it checks that a particular consumer has permission to access the API, using a predefined set of credentials.

Kong Gateway has a library of plugins that provide simple ways to implement the best known and most widely used methods of API gateway authentication. Here are some of the commonly used ones:

  • Basic Authentication
  • Key Authentication
  • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • LDAP Authentication Advanced
  • OpenID Connect

Please, refer to the following link to read more about API Gateway authentication

Auth0 is one of the main IdPs in the marketplace today. Kong, on the other hand, is the world’s most popular API gateway, built for hybrid and multi-cloud and optimized for microservices and distributed architectures. The Auth0 and Kong integration provides a powerful and flexible solution for secure API Management infrastructures.


This integration is supported by Kong. Learn more

Sub-millisecond performance

Looking for sub-millisecond processing latency to support thousands of transactions per second? The lightweight Kong Gateway core has you covered.

Universal deployment

Kong Gateway supports hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure, and includes a Kubernetes-native ingress solution and support for declarative configuration management.

Unlimited extensibility

Need more functionality to integrate with your IdP, add an API key to a service or simply transform requests before they hit your server? There's a plugin for that.