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An all-in-one workplace platform that allows highly collaborative teams to build, share, and automate custom workflows

SSO Integrations

Kintone is a no-code business application platform that allows non-technical users to create powerful apps, workflows, and databases for their teams and organizations. Using clicks instead of code, Kintone users can build apps that automate business processes, collaborate on projects/tasks, and quickly report on complex data.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

One shared platform for all your tasks

Create every app you need and see all your data in one central dashboard instead of across twenty platforms.

A dynamic database for all your data

Kintone’s platform gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the bonus of a centralized database the whole team can access at any time, from anywhere.

A platform with collaborative tools

Kintone’s collaboration features make it easy to send, track, and recall personal and group conversations for minimal knowledge loss.