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This integration is community supported. Learn more


Enable Imgur login for your Auth0 application

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Imgur is an image hosting and sharing community that boasts over 100 million active users per month. It is home to millions of viral images and is frequently used to host images across the popular forum website,

A common pain point for most applications is getting users to sign up. With this Auth0 integration, you can speed up onboarding by allowing Imgur users to sign in to your Auth0 application using their existing Imgur account.


This integration is community supported. Learn more


Imgur is home to over 100 million active users. Take advantage of this huge user base by adding Imgur login to your application.

Expedite Onboarding

Reduce the number of steps users need to execute to sign up for your application. Improve onboarding by allowing them to sign in with their Imgur account.

User Profiles

Once a user authenticates to your application using their Imgur login, your application can request profile information about the user from their Imgur account.