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Single-step Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

Enterprise Connections

Haventec Authenticate provides a genuinely passwordless technology that completely eliminates passwords, shared secrets and friction.

By reimagining authentication – from a central record of passwords to a decentralised identity and a genuinely private secret – enterprises can rethink how they build safe, simple and secure digital experiences.

With Haventec Authenticate, your customers and employees will enjoy exceptionally secure yet beautifully simple user authentication across web and mobile applications.


This integration is supported by Haventec. Learn more

Improve Security

Haventec Authenticate is secure by default. With our unique patented technology, we eliminate passwords and credential related threats.

Enhance User Experience

Enhance employee and customer experience and give your users choice with authentication options that cover PIN and Biometrics.

Streamline MFA

Haventec's single-step MFA technology means that your users will no longer need to switch devices or applications for secure authentication.