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Organizations on GitHub Cloud can use SSO as an easy way to login with a shared credential

SSO Integrations

SAML SSO gives organization owners and enterprise owners on GitHub a way to control and secure access to organization resources like repositories, issues, and pull requests. Organization owners can invite your user account on GitHub to join their organization that uses SAML SSO, which allows you to contribute to the organization and retain your existing identity and contributions on GitHub.

When you access resources within an organization that uses SAML SSO, GitHub will redirect users Auth0 to authenticate. After you successfully authenticate with your account on Auth0, Auth0 redirects you back to GitHub, where you can access the organization's resources.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Full Enterprise Control

Enterprise owners can also enforce SAML SSO for all organizations in an enterprise account.

Access controls into API and Git through CLI

To access the organization's protected resources using the API and Git on the command line, members must authorize and authenticate with a personal access token or SSH key.

Manage users through Auth0

You can use team synchronization to automatically add and remove team members in an organization through Auth0.