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Esendex is an SMS service that integrates with Auth0 to offer multi-factor verification


Thousands of businesses around the world rely on us for their business communication - from retailers and financial institutions to government bodies and education providers (talk about flexible communication channels!) As a global business we have offices in Nottingham, Barcelona and Melbourne - and a talented team of 140! At Esendex, we do things differently. From the significant investment in our people and technology infrastructure, to 24/7 monitoring of all our platform, we're able to give complete peace of mind to our customers. With direct network connections and a large team of in-house developers to continually develop our messaging technology, we're able to provide the best business communication solutions on the market.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Fast & Easy

Our in-house team have developed our SMS API to be really intuitive and easy to use, including a wealth of features and the reliability that you need to build the best solution for your business.

Send SMS via our API

Our SMS API allows you to automate the sending of SMS from your business systems. Integration is easy no matter what programming language you use.

Send SMS via Email

Echo for Email, our email to SMS service offers seamless integration with any email system. You can send and receive SMS from and into your email account instantly!