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This integration is community supported. Learn more


Integrate with DigitalOcean by adding the login option for your Auth0 application

Social Connections

DigitalOcean makes it simple to deploy and scale your applications in the cloud. With the Auth0 + DigitalOcean integration, you can add the option for your users to sign in using their existing DigitalOcean account. DigitalOcean is home to over 1 million active users, so providing the DigitalOcean login option on your Auth0 application is a great way to reduce the time it takes your users to sign up for your application. You'll also be able to grab basic profile information to use in your application.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Verified Users

Take advantage of DigitalOcean's professional user base by allowing them to sign in to your application using their DigitalOcean login.


You can trust that your users are in safe hands with DigitalOcean's extensive security options including 2FA, SSH keys, and account login history.

User Profiles

Pull user profile data, such as name and email, straight from DigitalOcean by enabling this simple integration.