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A platform for running continuous integration pipelines

SSO Integrations

Buildkite is a platform for running fast, secure, and scalable continuous integration pipelines on your own infrastructure. Buildkite helps you ship your software faster and more reliably with testing and deployment tools that work for all of your software projects.Buildkite includes CI and build automation tool that combines the power of your own build infrastructure with the convenience of a managed, centralized web UI. Buildkite is a tool in the Continuous Integration category of a tech stack.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Build agents that give you full control

The agent checks out your source code, executes custom hooks and overrides, and then runs your build jobs. Your source code never leaves your infrastructure

Tools to scale across agents

Run as many build agents as you need (up to 10,000 connected per account), without breaking a sweat.

Pipelines that can automate more than just your tests

Automate complicated delivery pipelines or ops tasks with custom fields, and unblock them via the web or the API with a full log of who did what when.