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Create on-brand email campaigns faster and easier

SSO Integrations

Streamline your email production workflow: Fully-utilize your company's brand assets to produce more emails, more easily while consistently maintaining a high level of quality. Save you and your team's time by writing content directly without any coding required, eliminating back and forth between code, copy, and testing. Like a website CMS, Blocks Edit works around custom design and clean, functional code. Implementation is easy, just add tags to your template's HTML code.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

A flexible email editing approach

Point and click editing, drag and drop building. Use any HTML template and allow anyone to join in the review, editing and building of your email campaigns.

Edit and build visually

Point and click to edit content, directly, so you see the final results as you're making updates.

Integrate with your resources

Connect to your asset library and develop a custom workflow for your team.