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Seamlessly monitor your entire software stack

SSO Integrations

Performance monitoring for your entire application. Get to know as soon as an issue occurs, who, when and what caused the performance bottleneck. Atatus provides you with Real User Monitoring to improve frontend performance issues and Application Performance Monitoring to measure slow database queries, external requests with transaction traces.


This integration is community supported. Learn more

Application Performance Monitoring

Proactively monitor, analyze and optimize the performance-related issues in your application. Gain full-stack visibility in real-time on how your application performs and find what causes your application to slow down.

Real User Monitoring

Complete visibility into end-user experience of your applications a customer has with browser performance including Core Web Vitals. Visualize frontend performance for every page request and identify the root cause of slow load times.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Get full visibility into your infrastructure performance and availability issues of all your servers and cloud instances. Visualize comprehensive metrics of your systems with minimal maintenance.