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Use no-code infrastructure to manage Auth0


Altostra integrates with cloud computing services to provide your development teams with end-to-end workflows. From designing infrastructure and writing code to deploying and managing your applications and services across multiple accounts and environments.

With the Altostra Auth0 integration, you can create and manage Auth0 applications, APIs, rules, and more. Instead of managing your Auth0 account configuration separately, deploy Auth0 configuration as part of your Altostra deployments.


This integration is supported by Altostra. Learn more

Visual Infrastructure Design

Altostra removes the hassle of configuring infrastructure resources in cumbersome textual files. Instead, Altostra visualizes the process, enabling developers to better understand the components and relationships between them.

Cross Accounts Deployments

Define as many environments as your team needs across cloud accounts and regions. Set environment policies to remove redundant responsibilities from developers and automate cross-cutting concerns.

Fit to your workflow

Altostra integrates with your 3rd party provider accounts, like security, observability, and more to automate processes for your development teams. Create a unified development process integrated with your existing workflows - no code changes required.