Developer Tools

Quickly set up single sign-on for the applications software engineers care most about, add social login for providers that developers frequently use, and optimize development and monitoring processes with partner CI/CD, infrastructure as code, and log management solutions.

Amazon EventBridge logo
Amazon EventBridge
Log Streaming

Serverless event bus connecting application data from your apps, SaaS, and AWS services

Azure Event Grid logo
Azure Event Grid
Log Streaming

Get reliable event delivery at massive scale

Datadog logo
Log Streaming

Track all your key identity and auth workflow events with Datadog and Auth0

Splunk logo
Log Streaming

Create monitoring, alerting, and analysis dashboards with Splunk

Sumo Logic logo
Sumo Logic
Log Streaming

Create operational, business, and security insights dashboards with Sumo Logic

GitHub logo
Social Connections

Enable the GitHub login option for your Auth0 applications

Perch Security logo
Perch Security
Log Streaming

Add MDR and SIEM to your offering with multitenancy, a 24/7 SOC, and popular integrations

Bitbucket logo
Social Connections

Enable the Bitbucket login option for your Auth0 applications

dwolla logo
Social Connections

Integrate scalable payments in your software application with the Dwolla Platform

Slack logo
Log Streaming

Send and track important Auth0 log events in Slack's business communication platform

Altostra logo

Use no-code infrastructure to manage Auth0

Azure Pipelines logo
Azure Pipelines

Use the Auth0 Deploy CLI with Azure Pipelines to manage Auth0

Bitbucket Pipelines logo
Bitbucket Pipelines

Use the Auth0 Deploy CLI with Bitbucket Pipelines to manage Auth0

Datawiza logo

Cloud-delivered Access Management as as Service (AMaaS)

GitHub Actions logo
GitHub Actions

Use the Auth0 Deploy CLI with GitHub Actions to manage Auth0

GitLab Pipelines logo
GitLab Pipelines

Use the Auth0 Deploy CLI with GitLab Pipelines to manage Auth0

Pulumi logo

Pulumi lets you easily manage Auth0 using JavaScript, Python, .Net, and Go

Terraform logo

Use Infrastructure as Code to manage Auth0

Netlify Role Management logo
Netlify Role Management

Use Auth0 with your Jamstack websites on Netlify

1Kosmos BlockID logo
1Kosmos BlockID
Social Connections

With BlockID, go passwordless with the highest levels of identity and authentication assurance.

DigitalOcean logo
Social Connections

Integrate with DigitalOcean by adding the login option for your Auth0 application

Stripe Connect logo
Stripe Connect
Social Connections

With Stripe Connect, you can allow Stripe users to connect to your Auth0 application

CloudBees logo
SSO Integrations

Allow your users to log in to CloudBees using Auth0 identity providers

Datadog logo
SSO Integrations

SSO into the tool that lets you see inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere

GitHub Enterprise Cloud logo
GitHub Enterprise Cloud
SSO Integrations

Organizations on GitHub Cloud can use SSO as an easy way to login with a shared credential

GitHub Enterprise Server logo
GitHub Enterprise Server
SSO Integrations

Organizations on GitHub Server can use SSO as an easy way to login with a shared credential

Heroku logo
SSO Integrations

Allow Heroku developers a secure, centralized way to log into Heroku from Auth0

Hosted Graphite logo
Hosted Graphite
SSO Integrations

SSO for Hosted Graphite's cloud-based server and application monitoring

New Relic logo
New Relic
SSO Integrations

Connect with the engineering observability platform built to create more perfect software

Pluralsight logo
SSO Integrations

SSO provides Pluralsight developers a secure, centralized way to log into Pluralsight from Auth0

Shutterstock logo
SSO Integrations

Shutterstock login via Auth0